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Is Keto still a thing or have people already found another diet fad?

So, it’s a new year and I bet a lot of resolutions revolve around losing weight. I know mine does. I’m not looking to lose a lot of weight. Ten to fifteen pounds is all I need to fit back to some of my old clothes. However, there are people who have to lose a lot of weight to become healthier versions of themselves. The question now is what diet they are going to gravitate towards?

I always found it very helpful to find out what foods contribute to my weight gain first. For some its carbs while for others it may be sugar. Knowing this information is half the battle because it will help you identify which diet will be more effective for your weight loss effort.

For my wife and I it ended up being carbs and sugar. So, we decided to cut carbs and sugar from our diet for a while. However, as everyone knows that is the hardest to do because we are so used to our breads and rice. That made our choice of diet clear. We needed to go on a Keto or Paleo diet.

Now, how did we satisfy the cravings for bread and sweets?

We we found this amazing cook book for baking breads and other carb filled food items. And I have to say it helped us stay on track and not fall off the wagon. We did not get to make all of the recipes but the ones we tried were more of the breads which we liked very much.

If you are interested you can get the recipe book here:

My wife lost a good amount of weight but she plateaued sooner than I did. I did end up losing a healthy eighteen pounds before I plateaued. At that point both our bodies started resisting to the diet and it came down to calorie count and exercise.

Of course like all diets we eventually let go of it and gained some of the weight back. But the lesson’s learned was that we found out there were good Keto friendly recipe options out there to help you fight the carb and sweets cravings that derail most Paleo diets.

It’s a new year and new weight loss resolutions have been made. So I guess we are gonna explore more of the book’s recipe’s in the months to come.

If you are one of the Keto-crazed dieters we wish you luck and hope you can shed the holiday pounds successfully.


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Sam Rooeintan

Arfolica Staff Writer / Content Manager

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