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Cj Hendry Air Jordans

This is Not a Photograph!

I first came across CJ’s work on Instagram. She had drawn a picture of two Nike high-tops dipped in black paint. At first I thought it was a clever photograph and it looked cool. However, I become curious when I saw a hand with a pen at the bottom of the image. Then, it dawned on me that what I was looking at was not a photograph and it was a drawing. That blew my mind.

Image courtesy of © 2022, Cj Hendry

As an artist I have attempted and have done numerous colored pencil drawings. I appreciate the skill and hours that goes into creating an artwork this intricate. However, what stood out to me was the level of skill she displays and the size of the pencil artwork. CJ makes it look easy but that is not her genius. She has a talent for thought provoking ideas as well that creates social commentary and challenges the viewer.

CJ’s art tries to leave the paper. She creates immersive life sized experiences for people to walk through, bounce on, or discover in the world they occupy.

I’m most impressed by is how fast she creates these artworks. CJ keeps churning out great work time after time. These days she no longer binds herself to thousands of colored pencils. She has ventured in making paper sculptures that tickle your senses.

Unfortunately her website does not have all her artwork. It is more about what she is doing now. To fully experience her amazing talent you should check out her Instagram account.

I can’t wait to see her posts on my feed. I’ve made it my mission to share them with friends and family to brighten their day a little.

All images and artwork are courtesy of © 2022,


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Cj Hendry Air Jordans

This is Not a Photograph!

Every once in a while I come across art on social media that takes my breath away. In this case, I was blown away by what I was seeing. I’m not a fan of hyper realism art by any means but I can appreciate the skill. However, CJ Hendry takes that notion to another level.


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