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Omaze is giving you a chance to win a Restored 1969 Pontiac GTO®

I don’t know about you but I have always had a super soft spot for muscles cars of the 60’s. Of course the most famous one of all is the 1969 Shelby Mustang that was featured in Gone In Sixty Seconds film starring Nicolas Cage. That car is my all time favorite, however, I can’t hid my excitement for other sexy beasts that were produced around the same time.

Enter the stylish and powerful Pontiac GTO®. This car is even cooler now that the Pontiac brand is no longer in existence. If you ask me this is possibly the best looking car they ever produced (let’s all pretend Pontiac Aztec never even happened).

American muscle cars were a different breed and they still are. It was the golden age of American automotive dominance in the world and everyone wanted one. They were featured in Hollywood movies and people waited months to get their hands on a fresh one of the factory floor.

If you had one or still have one, you are not like everyone else. You are cool! You never go out of style, only get better with age. The body styling of these street gems were the stuff of legends and even today you can’t really find a production car from any car manufacturer that comes even close to being that cool looking.

The style of these cars were so iconic that both GM and Ford have attempted to recreate these classics now and create another era of stylish muscle cars roaming the roads. Of course as exciting as the new designs are they still fall short of the chrome bedazzled old masterpieces.

Those rides never lost their appeal even 50 years after they rolled off the factory floor. There are auction houses dedicated to moving restored versions of these classics and there is always a market for a mint condition Pontiac GTO or a Shelby Mustang.

Every now and then Omaze features a stylish classic ride on their website and this time it happens to be the 69 Pontiac GTO®. I’ve already bought my entries to win this beauty and help Musicares charity in the process. I’ve got my fingers crossed but if luck is not on my side this time around I’m going to get mine one day and cruise the streets turning heads as I rev that magnificent roaring engine.

If you would like to enter for a chance to win this beauty head on to or click on the image below and get your entries in before the deadline.

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Best of luck to you.


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Sam Rooeintan

Arfolica Staff Writer / Content Manager

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