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Is Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Egg As Good As It Looks in this Video?

So a few months ago I noticed that social media was buzzing with people trying to recreate Gordon Ramsay’s famous scrambled eggs. Here is the video of him making them if you’re interested:

So, naturally being the food connoisseur that I am, I was very interested. I got the ingredients and one faithful Sunday morning set out to make the famous scrambled eggs for the family.

It was tricky to figure out a couple of the ingredients, for instance what is creme fresh? So I improvised and made some with whipping cream and a batch with sour cream.

The on-the-heat-off-the-heat technique is a bit tricky for it depends on the amount of heat you are giving the pan and also the type of heat transfer your pan has. So I recommend using a high-end pan if you have one to get a nice balanced and even heat transfer to make sure you don’t get lumpy eggs before you have the chance to add your cream. I used the always consistent All-Clad D5 sauce pan which has one of the best heat distributions I’ve experienced in any cookware. If you are interested you can get your’s by clicking on the image below:

I think the trick is how much butter you put in. I think I put a bit more than a “knob” of butter recommended by the chef but who ever complained about having more butter? Am I right?

So, it all went according to plan and the moment of truth was upon us. I laid out the fluffy scrambled eggs on top of the perfectly toasted sourdough bread and sprinkled the chives on top. It was time to put the internet buzz to the test and I was not prepared for the sensation that followed when I took the first bite.

It was perfection in a bite. I think it was because of the overload of butter and the cream but man this recipe is delicious. I got to hand it to the chef Ramsay. This scrambled egg will make anyone’s morning a million times better if they are an egg person. After tasting this you are not going to look at any scrambled egg presented to you in a buffet the same way again. So, if you are up for ruining your perception of scrambled egg I highly recommend you watch the video of him making it and follow along. You will not be disappointed.


Picture of Sam Rooeintan

Sam Rooeintan

Arfolica Staff Writer / Content Manager

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