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McLaren is One of the Most Beautiful Cars in the World.

So this is a bold statement considering the number of super cars that have entered the market over the past decade. The number of super car companies has increased so much that now in order to distinguish themselves they are building hyper cars now.

The competition among them is fierce and the most notable ones are Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Prosche and McLaren. These are the good old boys with racing accolades and rich history. The new kids on the block are Rimac, Koenigsegg, SSC, W Motors and a few more. Even some mainstream car companies are getting into the act by introducing super cars to capitalize on the hot market. These range from Audio to Aston Martin, Ford and Mercedes with their Project 1.

The question is, why do I think that McLaren takes the cake when it comes to design. I venture to say that a lot of people are going to disagree with me and put Bugatti, Ferrari or Pagani on the pedestal as super car luxury but I have a compelling reason why I think McLaren is superior in all the right places.

Image Courtesy of McLaren Automotive

McLaren’s lines appear effortless and sensual yet savage and intense at the same time. Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini each have distinct looks and are beautiful in their own right but they don’t have the best of both worlds. Bugatti for instance has doubled down on combining their historic curves into their cars and maintaining elements that will make the car recognizable in any setting. Ferrari is the pinnacle of Italian smoothness and their cars have been designed to have mass appeal. Lamborghini on the other hand has gone for the savage look. Of course we can’t forget the iconic look of Porsche. However, they all fall into one camp or another when it comes to design.

But, McLaren has managed to meld multiple genres of design together and create a unique look that can appeal to both sexes at the same time. Of course they have the performance and the racing history to back it up but overall that mixture of suave and savage look separates their design from the rest.

Image Courtesy of McLaren Automotive

It sounds odd that I’m picking an English car over the Italian counterparts but I feel that credit is due where it’s due. And McLaren so far has my vote as one of the most beautifully designed super car lines in the world.

Do you agree? I’m certainly open to see what others think about my assessment and how McLaren fits in your definition of beauty.


Picture of Sam Rooeintan

Sam Rooeintan

Arfolica Staff Writer / Content Manager

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